The road to fully native Mercurial in Heptapod

Posted on Mon 08 March 2021 in news by Georges Racinet

What are native Mercurial projects? What does this "fully native" qualifier you've seen here or there in our issues and merge requests mean? How will Heptapod get there?

This is about getting rid of the side conversions to Git that Heptapod performs under the hood, and the Heptapod 1.0 …

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Heptapod News, end of summer

Posted on Fri 04 September 2020 in news by Georges Racinet

Many things happened this summer since the end of the Bitbucket era and the Heptapod 0.15.0 release, so it's well worth an account.

We'll begin with a recap of advances from July on developer tools, then report on the first Heptapod sprint and end with current progress towards …

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Bitbucket deadline postponed to July 1st

Posted on Tue 28 April 2020 in news by Georges Racinet

Last week, Bitbucket updated their "sunsetting" announcement with the new July 1st, 2020 deadline. Here we explore some implications of this piece of good news, for Heptapod and the Mercurial ecosystem.

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Heptapod News, mid February

Posted on Mon 10 February 2020 in news by Georges Racinet

Following the launch of our public instance for FOSS projects, we've presented it at FOSDEM, started to onboard projects, released version 0.8.2 and been provided CI resources by the OSU OSL.

Heptapod at FOSDEM

The whole Octobus development team was at FOSDEM 2020 where we made also junction …

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