About Heptapod

Heptapod is a community driven effort to bring Mercurial support to GitLab™, started by Octobus a team of Mercurial experts taming the biggest pain-point in the Mercurial ecosystem.

It is considered a friendly fork of GitLab Community Edition.

Heptapod is available under the same MIT license as GitLab CE.

Though not a mere prototype any more, Heptapod is still quite experimental.

A short history

  • prototype phase (late 2017 to early 2019). The first and foremost focus was to demonstrate that modern Mercurial concepts (evolve, topic) could fit GitLab, its branches and merge requests
  • stabilization phase (S1 2019). Starting from the prototype, making Heptapod usable in practice at several organisations, leading in particular to public self hosting.
  • experimental phase (ongoing). Longer term developments for better technical integration with GitLab, while maintaining the existing code base.