Ease your DevOps collaboration process and distribute fast

  • Automate deployment
  • Integrated hosting
  • Host anywhere

Track the progress of your development work with Git or Mercurial

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Git as in GitLab, is the most popular source control management tool.

When working in Git mode, Heptapod just provides the feature set of its foundation, GitLab Core.

Git based projects enable developers to work from a local copy and contribute Merge Requests from their own fork.

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Heptapod adds Mercurial support to GitLab providing Mercurial users with a state of the art DevOps platform.

Heptapod is the leading platfom with first class support for Topics and Evolve as well as more traditional Mercurial workflows.

RHGitaly is our server side Rust implementation for high performance Mercurial support.

Take advantage of Clever cloud infrastructure for dedicated and integrated Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod.

Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod automates the execution of tasks on machines of varying sizes and power to best match your continuous integration and deployment needs while improving your CI/CD costs and performance.

  • Switch to sovereign DevOps, it's easy and fast
  • Test, automate, improve product quality effortlessly
  • Flexibility and cost reduction
  • Advanced isolation, security, flexibility
  • Pay as you go (Start at 1.85€ per 1000 minutes)
  • On-demand Docker containers
  • European Based Cloud by Clever Cloud
Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram Mobile version of Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram

Fully integrated with Heptapod Cloud, the service can also be used from a self-managed Heptapod or GitLab instance, either managed by Clever Cloud or self-hosted on your infrastructure.

Try now, get a price for your needs or talk to an expert for more advanced use-cases.

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Heptapod 1.0 and a roadmap for 2024

With the release yesterday of Heptapod 1.0.0rc1, the close future of Heptapod development has become clearer.

The release candidate was installed on foss.heptapod.net. The final version is due next week.

Read this to know more about what we will be up to in the first half …

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Heptapod 0.40.0 released

Heptapod 0.40.0 (final) was released today. This release saw us reaching an important milestone, as we stopped mirroring Mercurial repositories to Git by default. More about this below.

We're also jumping from GitLab 15.11 to 16.2 and bumping Mercurial to 6.5.

The release candidate was …

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