Team collaboration and software delivery factory with ease

  • Pay as you go (Start at 7€/month per active user)
  • Git and Mercurial
  • European Based Cloud by Clever Cloud

No licensing costs or application and upgrade maintenance, flexible and competitive pay-per-use pricing per active user.

High flexibility runners for Continuous Integration and Delivery

  • Pay as you go (Start at 1.85€ per 1000 minutes)
  • On-demand Docker containers
  • European Based Cloud by Clever Cloud

Take advantage of task pipelines without worrying about administration, scaling capabilities, network performance and quality at very competitive prices.


A public Heptapod for Free and Open Source Software

  • Community managed
  • CI/CD runners
  • European Based Cloud by Clever Cloud

Get rid of closed platform! Join now and host for free your public Git or Mercurial based F.O.S.S projects.


Heptapod managed on dedicated infrastructure

Need to host a public or private Heptapod DevOps platform? We provide several levels of support and services to define, setup and customize your DevOps infrastructure.

Talk to an expert to evaluate what will better suit your needs.


Heptapod self-hosted in your own infrastructure

  • Free and Open Source Software
  • Git and Mercurial
  • Complete DevOps platform

Self host Heptapod on your own infrastructure installing from source or with Docker. We provide support contract if you need help in managing your Heptapod instance.