Importing projects from Bitbucket to Heptapod

Heptapod has a built in feature to import projects from Bitbucket. The following items get imported:

  • The Main mercurial repositories
  • Issues
  • Open Pull Requests

The following items are known to be currently left behind. Future versions will bring them along, too:

  • Wikis
  • Attached files

1. Initiate the process

Use the "New project" menu

Create a new Project

Go in the "Import project" tab and click on "Bitbucket".

This will redirect you automatically to Bitbucket for access control.

Select "Bitbucket" in the "Import Project" tab.

2. Sign in to Bitbucket

If you aren't already signed in, authenticate with your Bitbucket account:

Sign in to Bitbucket

3. Give Heptapod the necessary authorizations

(They can be removed later)

Giving Authorisation to Bitbucket

This will send you back to Heptapod.

4. Import

You should now see the list of all projects your Bitbucket user has explicit access to. You can select one and import it.

Select the project you want to import.