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Download and install


Our official Docker image works in the same way as the upstream GitLab CE image.

Most users should prefer exact version tags, and completely avoid the testing tags.

Linux packages (Omnibus)

Like its upstream, GitLab CE, Heptapod provides official Linux packages, which are also called Omnibus packages after the build system that generates them.

We currently provide Omnibus packages for Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish) and Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa) on amd64 only. More target operating systems and architectures can be considered among the ones supported by GitLab if there is enough demand for them.

These are very similar to upstream GitLab CE Omnibus packages, adding Mercurial specific services and configuration.

Packages have to be downloaded directly and their signature checked manually (see our signature checking instructions). Then the GitLab Omnibus install instructions are applicable.

We don't provide package repositories (APT, Yum…) yet.


we don't have much feedback on the Ubuntu Omnibus packages, except because the Docker image relies on them. Still, the Docker context is a bit particular, so please proceed with caution, and don't hesitate to contact us if you run into problems.

From source

One may also install Heptapod entirely from source. This is basically the GitLab source installation procedure, with some components replaced by ours and some extra steps.

Continuous Integration

Heptapod Runner is the natural companion for Heptapod, in the same way as GitLab Runner is for GitLab: this is the piece of software to install on the systems that will run the pipeline jobs.

As of version 0.2.0, it's able to run jobs for Heptapod and GitLab servers, provided all versions are compatible.


Heptapod Runner is also available as a Docker image (don't miss the statement about compatibility of versions).

Standalone executable

Heptapod Runner can be downloaded directly as a standalone executable for various operating systems and architectures from the runner area of our download site.

The executable itself and its signatures can be found under the binaries subdirectory (see our signature checking instructions).

Other subdirectories provide useful complements, such as systemd, that contains sample files to run it as a service on systemd-based Linux distributions.

From source

Heptapod run can of course be compiled from source.

Browse the code online, bug reports, merge requests

Heptapod is hosted on the public Heptapod instance for Free and Open Source Software.

Registration is open. It's possible to register in one click with GitHub and Bitbucket accounts. That is enough to start filing issues and comment on merge requests.

See also the Documentation area to start contributing further.