Heptapod gains SSH support in version 0.8.0rc1

By Octobus

Those of you that have been following the issues and merge requests on dev.heptapod.net won't be surprised that the winter solstice release of Heptapod finally gets the very much awaited feature of SSH pushes and pulls.

This is now on Docker Hub as usual, as the 0.8.0rc1 version.

Please give it serious testing in controlled conditions: opening new authentication methods always comes at a risk, even if that relies mostly on already proven infrastructure as this is the case here.

Maturation of the 0.8.0 version

In a normal week, we'd have already installed it on the instances that Octobus directly manages and would been gathering early feedback from our direct users.

However, with the year's end coming close, the activity is a bit too sparse for this to be really relevant. We'll be dogfooding this version as soon as it is reasonable – that should be just a few days worth of delay.

In the meanwhile, we'll write more tests, tighten some screws and bolts, so that we can release if possible a robust 0.8.0 during the first week of 2020.

If you want to help making that release, install 0.8.0rc1 on a testing server and throw all you can at it to breach it! We'd be more than happy to correct problems early.

What else?

Heptapod 0.8.0rc1 also bumps the GitLab base version from 10.3.9 to 10.5.8. This time we put our development branches closer to those of upstream GitLab. It's been a bit hairy, but it will make next upgrades much easier.

The Bitbucket import of Pull Requests from forks is mostly ready – it just has not been merged yet and requires more testing. It will be part of a forthcoming Heptapod 0.7.1, whose improvements will also be merged in Heptapod 0.8.0.

By Octobus