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Heptapod Cloud is a DevOps platform in SaaS mode, managed and hosted in Europe by Clever Cloud, dedicated to collaboration and innovation. Based on the open-source Heptapod, a variation of GitLab Community Edition supporting Git and Mercurial.

Start using 'Heptapod' in SaaS mode with Heptapod Cloud and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Quick Start: Your organization, users, and projects on Heptapod Cloud in minutes, no installation or configuration required, everything is ready to go!
  • Cost Reduction: No licensing or application maintenance costs, flexible and competitive usage-based pricing per active user.
  • Always Up-to-date: Heptapod aligns with the continuously evolving GitLab, ensuring you effortlessly benefit from the latest features and security patches.
  • Technical and Functional Support: Whether for technical or functional questions, support teams are ready to answer all your queries.
  • Scale Up: As your team grows or you manage dozens or hundreds of small or large projects for testing and deployment, Heptapod Cloud is designed to handle it. Increase capacities or quantities of CI/CD runners associated with your projects, those of runtimes, storage, or databases managed by Clever Cloud, or adjust bandwidth to handle heavy loads. All these services are native and structured to meet your scaling needs with ease.

If, for organizational reasons, you prefer to have your own self-hosted Heptapod instance on your infrastructure or managed on Clever Cloud's infrastructure, contact our experts to guide you and find the most suitable solution for your needs. We offer support contracts for the maintenance of your instances.

Only pay for active users.

Heptapod has the full Git hosting capabilities of its GitLab Core foundation.

Access your Mercurial repository through HTTPS, SSH or the Web UI.

Use Mercurial as you have for 15 years, or start collaborating on drafts using the topic and evolve extensions.

Project Management Features

GitLab basic features are fully integrated:
merge requests, issues tracker, milestones and boards

GitLab Pages

Easily build and publish static websites under heptapod.io directly from Git or Mercurial repository with free HTTPS certificate

Integrated On-Demand CI/CD

Pre-configured CI runners can get spawned on-demand and billed based on your actual usage. You can also use your own runners if you prefer so.

Container Registry

Host your Container images close to your code (Docker or any OCI image). Access your private images with the same credentials as your code, notably from CI.

A collaborative platform for Git or Mercurial-based projects

Heptapod is GitLab with Mercurial support

We have developed a comprehensive solution that combines the best features of GitLab with unique capabilities to enhance your workflow and development.

Heptapod Cloud provides your team with a suite of collaborative tools for software or document production management:

  • Team, Collaborators, and Access Rights: Easily add and manage team members, organize roles and access rights based on projects.
  • Git and Mercurial Repository Management: Heptapod provides a robust and intuitive repository management system for Git and Mercurial, allowing you to effortlessly create, manage, and collaborate on your codebase or documents. With advanced version control and branch management features, you can easily track changes, merge your code, and maintain the integrity and history of your private or public projects.
  • Project Management and Ticket Tracking: The ticket tracking system allows you to efficiently manage tasks, incidents, and collaborate seamlessly with your team. Stay organized by setting milestones, qualifying with labels, and customizing workflows for advanced control of your operations.
  • Collaboration and Code Review: Heptapod provides a wide range of features for effective collaboration, code or document reviews, online comments, and real-time collaboration tools. Work seamlessly with your team, track exchanges, merge requests, and improve the overall quality of your projects.
  • Embedded Wiki and Documentation: Knowledge sharing is crucial for high-performing teams. Easily create and maintain comprehensive documentation for your projects, centralize and share knowledge, and provide a smooth experience for new collaborators.

Test, automate, improve product quality effortlessly

Heptapod Cloud helps you easily integrate a DevOps approach into your projects. Continuous Integration (CI) is crucial for teams looking to improve the quality of their products, relying on best practices and suitable tools.

In collaboration with Clever Cloud, we have developed and integrated Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod. Effortlessly take advantage of Docker-based runners without worrying about scaling capabilities or network performance and quality.

Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram Mobile version of Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram
  • Efficiency and Scalability: Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod, based on Docker, create lightweight and isolated containers that encapsulate your execution environment. This ensures faster and more efficient continuous integration processes by avoiding issues related to manually provisioning the execution environment on multiple machines.
  • Reproducibility and Predictability: Create consistent and reproducible execution environments, ensuring that your automated test suites run in the correct order and successfully in different contexts.
  • Exceed Limits: Provision Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod of varying sizes and power (Flavors) without limits based on your needs. Parallelize and matrix tasks, distribute workloads, and achieve faster build times, even with large codebases or complex projects.
  • Tailor-Made Flexibility: Sometimes you need very few resources to execute a simple task that will only take a few seconds, or conversely, a lot of resources and computing power for very complex tasks? With Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod, you calibrate power with flavors. From the small XS with 1 vCPU and 2GB of RAM to the large 3XL with 16 vCPUs for 32GB of RAM, you have the flexibility to adjust power and pricing to your needs.

For your continuous integration needs, you can choose to connect a Jenkins server at Clever Cloud or from your infrastructure, or any other external CI service.

Deploy, control, distribute

Continuous Delivery (CD) is a crucial aspect of modern software development, allowing you to automate the deployment process and deliver software, online applications, or documents quickly and confidently. Heptapod Cloud offers robust continuous delivery capabilities that streamline your publishing process and allow you to iterate faster.

Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram Mobile version of Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram
  • Automated Deployment Pipelines: With Heptapod Cloud, you can configure automated deployment pipelines that orchestrate the entire publishing process. From creating artifacts to automated deployment, including making deliverables available, quality controls, and deployment, our platform automates these steps, reducing manual efforts and human errors.
  • Publication Stages: Managing different publication stages, such as testing, pre-production, and production, can be challenging. Heptapod Cloud simplifies the management of publishing environments and allows you to define the most complex scenarios.
  • State Restoration: Sometimes, when you deploy to production, errors occur. Being able to revert to a stable version is crucial in such cases. Heptapod Cloud allows you to easily restore deployments to previous versions in case of problems. Additionally, by using Clever Cloud's PaaS, you can perform controlled deployments, gradually deploying changes to mitigate risks and ensure a smooth transition.
  • Measurement and Performance Tools: Continuous delivery is not just about deploying code but also monitoring its performance. Heptapod Cloud seamlessly integrates with measurement tools, allowing you to gather valuable information about the health and performance of your applications.

Import your projects or create new ones with our project templates

Starting a new project or migrating existing projects to Heptapod Cloud is a seamless and effortless process. With our intuitive interface and startup templates, you can quickly configure a fully functional project, version-controlled, tested, and documented with multiple verification and validation environments before deployment.

  • Create a New Project from Templates: Create a new project in Heptapod Cloud with just a few clicks. Our user-friendly interface guides you through the process, allowing you to define project details, select Git or Mercurial as version control, and choose from a variety of pre-configured startup templates to easily initiate your new project.
  • Pre-configured Templates: Our platform provides a range of startup templates that cover various programming languages, frameworks, and project types. These templates are pre-configured with essential files, code structures, automated tests, documentation, allowing you to start your projects with a solid foundation. Customize the templates according to your specific