Heptapod 0.6.2 released

By Octobus

We're glad to announce the release of Heptapod 0.6.2, on Docker Hub.

This version is mostly about improving the imports, notably from Bitbucket. The full changelog can be read online alongside the Dockerfile and in the full description of the images in Docker Hub.

A stable branch for Heptapod 0.6

With this version, for the first time, we've decided to fork our development process into two branches, with branches named along the lines of heptapod-0-6-stable for the 0.6 series and heptapod or default for the upcoming Heptapod 0.7.

Indeed, with Heptapod 0.6, we reached a point where the overall behaviour of Mercurial in the GitLab context is satisfying enough that we can be comfortable just improving on it or fixing bugs without taking risks for our users.

It's already almost sure that there will be a 0.6.3, with at least more improvements of the Bitbucket import.

Ongoing development of Heptapod 0.7

Thanks to the existence of the 0.6 stable branch, we'll be free to engage in a more aggressive approach for the ongoing 0.7 development, that happens in parallel:

  • Bumps of the base upstream GitLab versions. These will lead us to a bolder update policy on instances managed by Octobus, notably dev.heptapod.net.
  • Reorganisation of Mercurial configuration files (HGRCs), bringing us group-level HGRCs, and leading the way to development of dedicated management interfaces in the farther future.
  • More inner technical refactoring, making the interplay between GitLab and Mercurial more direct and robust.
By Octobus