Heptapod 0.30.0 released

By Georges Racinet

Heptapod 0.30.0 (final) was released today. This is a fairly simple release, focusing on GitLab and Mercurial version bumps.

This time we're jumping from GitLab 14.6 to 14.8, in order to get more time for Heptapod-specific development in the next cycles.

The update from Mercurial 6.0 to 6.1 is especially important for us, as it brings very significant performance improvements in pushes with the core now taking obsolescence into account in heads computations. This allows us to stop fixing the heads after the fact, which was very costly.

The release was installed immediately on foss.heptapod.net, and will be installed on heptapod.host the following day, March 23th.

Heptapod 0.30.0 can be installed as a Docker image and from source.

The full changelog is available as usual alongside the sources.

Many thanks to all the people involved to make this happen!