Heptapod 0.18.0 released, featuring GitLab 13.5 and Rust options

By Octobus

We're especially happy to announce the final release of Heptapod 0.18.0, based on GitLab 13.5 (security updates until January 22th, 2021).

Many thanks to all the people that contributed to this release.

Heptapod 0.18.0 can be installed as a Docker image and from source.

The full changelog is available as usual alongside the sources. It has a summary of changes from the last Heptapod 0.17 version and a separate section for changes since 0.18.0rc2.

This is the last 0.x.0 version of this year, we'll proceed with the upcoming 0.19 in January 2021.

Progress done in the Heptapod 0.18 development cycle

We bumped GitLab to 13.5 and Mercurial to 5.6.

Lots of the work that has been done during that cycle falls in the development infrastructure category: we are now ready for larger scale testing and continuous integration, especially for the HGitaly component, which lies at the heart of the implementation of Mercurial native projects.

State of the technology previews

  • New in 0.18 Rust-enhanced Mercurial: available in Omnibus/Docker packaging, needs to be explicitely activated. Many more details in the Heptapod 0.18.0rc2 release notes.
  • Git repositories: we haven't heard of serious problems so far, but we'll need more feedback to declare this fully working.
  • Native Mercurial repositories: general robustness and performance improvements. The first round of implementation is almost done, we're readying ourselves to the next one.
  • Omnibus deployments: no change since Heptapod 0.17; no user feedback about use outside of Docker containers (the Docker image is just a preinstalled Omnibus package).

What lies ahead in early 2021

We're planning to increase the CI/CD capabilities in an effort related to the recent admission of the Heptapod project in the OVHcloud startup program.

We'll jump to GitLab 13.7 as soon as possible, to get back a safety margin for Heptapod specific developments.

Mercurial native projects will keep being a strong focus of ours. The first experiments related to the HGitaly2 milestone should start as soon as January.

By Octobus