Heptapod 0.14.0rc1 released, featuring GitLab 12.10

By Octobus

Heptapod is very close to reaching one of its few major goals: catching up to a currently supported upstream GitLab version.

Today's release of Heptapod 0.14.0rc1 is based on GitLab 12.10, which will get security fixes until July, 22th. We expect the final 0.14.0 to appear in a matter of days.

Heptapod 0.14.0rc1 can be installed in Python 2 and Python 3 flavours as a Docker image and from source.

The full changelog is available alongside the sources.

A change in the roadmap?

Yes, but not really a change of plans.

Originally, two goals were stated for Heptapod 0.14 in our roadmap: native Mercurial support and GitLab version bump, "ideally landing on GitLab 12.10".

From a development point of view, starting with the version bump was actually the natural thing to do, and of course we tried GitLab 12.10 right away.

And it worked!

GitLab 12.10 was first released on April 22th. According to the general GitLab Release and Maintenance policy, this means that it will get general bug fixes until the release of GitLab 13.1 (scheduled for this very day) and security fixes until GitLab 13.2, whose release should happen on July 22th.

At the time the roadmap was written, we could not promise that Heptapod 0.14 would be based on GitLab 12.10, but once it was there, we felt that it would make sense to reap the benefits right away and provide our users with a supported GitLab version.

In other words, we're progressing as intended, and simply decided to release earlier and relabel the milestones accordingly.

What's happening with native Mercurial support?

The development of the HGitaly project, which will bring native Mercurial support in Heptapod, is currently under way, with good progress.

Instead of being called 0.14, the first version to rely on HGitaly for exposition of Mercurial repository content will be 0.15.

It is possible that we start shipping HGitaly as a technology preview in a forthcoming intermediate 0.14.x release. As such, it wouldn't be activated by default, even for new projects.

By Octobus