Heptapod.host free beta extended

Posted on Tue 19 May 2020 in announcements by Octobus

Summary: The Heptapod commercial service will stay free of charge and in beta until the end of June.

In a previous news item, we were commenting on the decision by Bitbucket to postpone the deadline before they remove Mercurial repositories from their hosting by one month.

We were notably underlying at the time that it will give us more time to achieve the major Heptapod 0.14 milestone, and put us well on the path to the eagerly expected Heptapod 1.0.

It made only sense to push the end date for our free beta period accordingly:

heptapod.host will be free of charge until June 30th.

In other words, July 2020 will be the first month to be invoiced.