Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod

Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that automates the execution of tasks on machines of varying sizes and power to best match your continuous integration and deployment needs. The service is managed and hosted in Europe by Clever Cloud. It is based on the open-source Heptapod Runner, a variation of GitLab Runner that supports Git and Mercurial.

Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram Mobile version of Heptapod within Clever Cloud infrastructure diagram

Fully integrated with Heptapod Cloud, the service can also be used from a self-managed Heptapod or GitLab instance, either managed by Clever Cloud or self-hosted on your infrastructure.

Switch to sovereign DevOps, it's easy and fast

Continuous Integration (CI) is essential for teams looking to improve the quality of their products. This relies on DevOps best practices, suitable tools, and environments.

In this direction, Octobus and Clever Cloud have developed and integrated Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod. You can take advantage of task pipelines without worrying about administration, scaling capabilities, network performance, and quality in a sovereign infrastructure hosted in Europe.

Start with Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod today – it's easy and fast:

  • Quick activation: Activate Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod for your organization with just one click.
  • Easy customization: Easily define your pipelines using templates for the most popular languages. Edit and validate definitions from the interface or directly from the project file.
  • Integrated tracking: Monitor the execution of your tasks in real-time, receive notifications of pipeline success or failure, and view activity reports online.

Test, automate, improve product quality effortlessly

Effortlessly benefit from Docker-based runners without worrying about scaling capabilities or network performance and quality.

  • Efficiency and scalability: Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod, based on Docker, create lightweight and isolated containers that encapsulate your execution environment. This ensures faster and more efficient continuous integration processes by avoiding issues related to manually provisioning the execution environment on multiple machines.
  • Reproducibility and predictability: Create consistent and reproducible execution environments, ensuring that your automated test suites run in the correct order and successfully in different contexts.

Flexibility and cost reduction

With our Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod offering, we aimed for simplicity and fairness. Enjoy tailor-made flexibility to spend resources where you truly need them and reduce costs with our per-minute pricing, among the most competitive in the market, especially in a sovereign hosting context.

  • Exceed limits: Provision Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod of varying sizes and power (Flavors) without limits based on your needs. Parallelize and matrix tasks, distribute workloads, and achieve faster build times, even with large codebases or complex projects.
  • Custom power: Sometimes you need very few resources to execute a simple task that will only take a few seconds, or conversely, a lot of resources and computing power for very complex tasks. With Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod, you calibrate power with flavors. From the small XS with 1 vCPU and 2GB of RAM to the large 3XL with 16 vCPUs for 32GB of RAM, you have the flexibility to adjust power and pricing to your needs.
  • Pay-as-you-go: Whether you need a few hundred minutes or tens of thousands per month, benefit from the best market rates starting from €1.67 for 1000 minutes of execution.

Advanced isolation, security, flexibility

Clever Cloud Runners for Heptapod offer a high level of flexibility and benefit from advanced security.

  • Advanced Docker isolation: Benefit from Docker-based virtual machines with advanced isolation. For each continuous integration job, a virtual machine is exclusively created for that runner, and Docker containers are encapsulated and executed in this isolated and dedicated machine.
  • Absolute flexibility: Whether your application needs one or multiple services (applications, databases, etc.), Docker containers run within the same virtual machine. Flexibility is total for your most complex applications and architectures.
  • Custom and limitless pipelines: Configure your pipelines as you wish. The online configuration editor allows you to test the configuration and simulate execution.